Our production

Ice cubes

  • big "ice finger" cubes made from water that underwent multiple stages of cleaning and filtering to make your drink quality 100%
  • ice without strange tastes and smells, which are always in your refrigerator or freezer

Crushed ice

  • already crushed ice for your mojito - no longer have to waste time on manual grinding ice cubes in crash
  • it is also used for cooling and displaying fish or seafood

Dry ice (CO2)

  • dry ice (CO2) has a temperature of about -79°C
  • absolutely non-toxic, not explosive and do not conduct electricity
  • always available in stock in Lviv (delivery all Ukraine)

Blocks and sculptures

  • crystal-transparent block is made from water which passes through several degrees of purification and filtration reverse osmosis (demineralized ice)
  • used to create sculptures, ice exhibition, catering, Ice house construction etc

Premium ice

  • demineralized and purified ice which have equal shapes according to standards
  • used to create high quality kraft cocktails

Ice equipment

  • machines for creating high quality ice blocks for a short time
  • сomplementary equipment for operations with blocks (drawing, cutting)
  • process settings, consulting
Address of central office and production Lviv, Kurmanovicha str., 9
E-mail: ice@vodaz.com.ua
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